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Jaro (2022) kurzy


Brigáda-Výsadba keřů a zbudování broučích náspů v Wonder Full Life Centrum 25-27.3.2022

Srdečně vás zveme na zážitkovou sázecí akci keřů, zbudování broučích náspů a vsakovacích příkopů na experimentální farmu WONDER FULL LIFE CENTRUM majitele Boba Carra, skvělého energického Američana, makrobiotika, školitele a muzikanta, se kterým se každý domluví, kousek od Pomníku smíření na Bukové hoře, která je poblíž skal Adršpachu.

Záměr akce: Vysázení biodiverzních keřů, zbudování broučích náspů a vsakovacích příkopů

Kdy: 25.-27.3.2022

V kolik: kdykoli ráno nebo během dne

Kde: Horní 57, 549 57 Teplice nad Metují – Horní Teplice, Česko, přesná GPS poloha

Ubytování a jídlo: Ubytování je zajištěno na pěkné, nové, dřevěné půdě s čistými matracemi (stačí si vzít spacák), která se dá kromě spaní využít i na promítání a muziku, která je Bobovi velmi blízká, takže o večer plný příjemného naladění je postaráno. Také vegetariánské jídlo je zajištěno.

PROSÍME – pokud budete chtít přijet, určitě se OZVĚTE Pavlovi Pinkavovi kvůli jídlu, ubytování a celkové koordinaci na email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Děkujeme. 


Get Lost in the Sound

With Bob Carr   &   Olga Lidia Kozłowska

April 28 - May 1 2022     at Wonder Full Life Centrum  ( Teplice nad Metují, CZ )

Explore The Nature of Sound for Joy & Healing

Singing Slavic and Georgian traditional songs, chants from around the world, improvised circle songs... as a vehicle to deeper social connections and safety.

Polyvagal theory applied to singing - for tuning the nervous system with voice,  unlocking and moving through mind/body states.

Mantras and the Heart Sutra as entrance to deep silence and your own infinity.

The Nature of Sound, the power of each vowel and consonant and how they relate to different parts of the body.

Healing vibrations… we’ll experience and practice them.


* experience and express your life through your voice

* leave behind what “should be” and explore what is authentic and fresh

* trust yourself and your voice more

* sing Slavic and Georgian traditional songs

* feel the support and joy of singing together and solo

* balance effective techniques with deeper understanding of the nature of voice

* learn simple tools to work with voice that you can take home


when singing

we are singing presence

allowing the pulse of Life

available to current tone

with our hearts ears skin feet lips

we are bigger than we think

the deeper we trust the more we are

already tuned

hearing every sound in the world

we root into vibrant reality

every song is an invitation

for you to live

From Olga Lidia: “It’s a really precious meeting for me! ‘What is voice?’ this question is my guide. In this exciting cooperation with Bob we will approach it from different angles, where mine is connected to traditional singing, improvisation and body psychotherapy. Practical inquiry together with precious group sharing is what I’m waiting for.”

From Bob: We’ll explore the nature of sound and how it integrates body and soul…..by doing some ancient sounds and by making our own sound/music/vibration. You’ll get various perspectives and practices from Olga and me and from yourself! Using/making sound for healing/joy/creation is a universal uplifting experience, just what the world needs in this time.

There will be morning, afternoon and evening sessions with plenty of time for walks, hikes, rest and relaxation. A trip to Adrspach or Teplicke Skaly (Rocks) or hiking in the nearby woods to hear the stones and trees sing…


The sessions will be in English, with spontaneous translation if needed by participants.

All you need is your desire to come and willingness to take one more step on the Way of the Voice. You don't have to read notes or "know how to sing". We will move, work barefoot and sometimes lay down.

If you are a therapist, voice teacher, supporting other people, you will get additional knowledge and experience that can inspire you and link what you already know. As you also come for your own joy, you will have time to integrate, good conditions to share and enjoy connection with yourself, people and nature.


Accommodation capacity is 17 beds distributed in six rooms. The beds contain natural mattresses and bedding is a combination of wool, feathers and 100% cotton. Rooms have ample storage space. More people can sleep in the gym on futons or mats/sleeping bags. There are four separate bathrooms (not part of the rooms) consisting of a toilet, sink and shower and one separate toilet.


Wonder Full Life Centrum, Horni 57, Teplice nad Metují 54957 Czech


 Starting with Thursday, April 28, 2022  dinner at 18:30 (6:30 PM). You can arrive at 16:00 (4:00 PM) Thursday. Three meals (vegetarian/macrobiotic/natural food) per day and program ending with Sunday, May 1, 2022  lunch

HOW MUCH - sessions, full room and board

Early registration by April 10:   7300 Kč /  300 € /  1400 PLN zl/ US $ 340                

After  April 10:    7800 Kč /  320 € /  1450 PLN zl /365 US $  

Sponsor:      8500  Kč /   350  € /  1600  PLN zl / 400 US $

Non-refundable deposit:  2000 Kč / 85  € / 370 PLN zl / 100 US $


Bob Carr:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Longtime macrobiotic lecturer, consultant, teacher of ancient and oriental medicine and spiritual practices. He founded a macrobiotic center and  tofu company in Cleveland, USA, as well as  a macrobiotic education institute in Germany. He composed music for network television specials in New York City and played guitar and sang in a folk/rock group also in NYC. He studied with various American Indian tribes and his Wonder Full Life Centrum is doing experimental and cutting edge natural agriculture….some of which you may be eating at the meals.


A psychologist, body psychotherapist, singer, trainer and coach, expert on voice practice and group facilitation. Expression through voice is her lifelong passion. She looks at voicework in a holistic way, not only as just a tool. Olga has been leading Authentic Voice (Głos Autentyczny) vocal workshops since 2011. She has experience in traditional Slavic and Georgian singing, choral singing, as well as improvisation. She has done Processwork training (A.&A. Mindell) and is a certified Core Energetics body psychotherapist (a brother method to Alexander Lowen Bioenergetics) as well as a teacher and psychologist at universities in Wrocław. She is inspired by Alexander Techinque and Polyvagal Theory in the context of intricate relation of nervous system and voice. Olga’s main teachers: Frank Kane, Natalia Polovynka, Emma Bonnici, Amit Carmeli, Kristin Linklater, Lane Arye. She has also done 9 years of Contact Improvisation. Currently she’s leading Nana Choir in Wrocław, teaching psychology students on Lower Silesian Collage and having her regular psychotherapy practice. 

facebook.com/drogaglosu     or    facebook.com/voiceauthentic


The workshop is limited to 20 participants.

Happy to meet you there!

 Sexuální a emocionální naplnění
 Celková pohoda v životě ženy je spojena se schopností milovat se nejen sama se sebou, s partnerem, ale i s celou existencí. Je potřeba zvolit holistický přístup, který zahrnuje emoce, smysly i zóny fyzického potěšení po celém těle. Ve spolupráci s naší dělohou jsme otevřeny emoční tekutosti. Když umíme své emoce chápat a přijímat ve všech jejich variacích, energie Kundalini, naše životní síla, má jasný průchod pro svůj vzestup. Druhá část seminářů Esence Bohyně.