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Here is contact information  for teachers of macrobiotics or related instruction

Jan/Katka Kyseloví  teacher, online classes, cooking instuction

Zuzanne Terešová natural food restaurant, consultant, cooking instruction online

Seymour Koblin   teacher, shiatsu master, consultant

Dagmar Lužna   cooking seminars, consultant, events

Jana Burešová   professional natural foods cooking

Klára Jichová    macrobiotic child care

Jan Jicha   writer, organizer, musician, translator, events

Milan Dvořák   macrobiotic food distributor, macrobiotic pioneer

Eva Cikrytová    online macrobiotic courses, events, consultant

Petra a Ota Reissovi  author, natural food processing specialist, natural home poducts

Jarmila Průchová    pioneer in macrobiotics, teaching, consulting

Irena Dutková    healthy lifestyle/food event planning

Lada Horáková   retail natural food store proprietor

Honza Vopršal   natural agriculture/garden specialist, chi cong master   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

Jana Borovičková

Lenka Rojíková   natural food catering/cooking

Lucie Beyerová    natural food restaurant specialist/cook